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Since the program’s inception in 2010, EJP has been a leading provider of Choice Neighborhoods services.

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24 Successful Applications        88% Application Success Rate        30% of ALL awarded Implementation Grants 

From grant writing to planning and implementation, EJP provides clients with a full range of services to take a project from conception to execution. To date, EJP has successfully secured millions in Choice planning grant funds for its clients across the country.

As the planning coordinator, EJP facilitates comprehensive planning processes with extensive engagement to create community-driven plans. EJP also helps its clients obtain millions in Choice implementation funds to carry out holistic neighborhood revitalization programs and supports them as they transform their communities.

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Select Choice Neighborhoods Clients


Fresno, CA

Norwalk, CT

Baltimore, MD

Louisville, KY


Chattanooga, TN

Norwalk, CT

Baltimore, MD

Boston, MA

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EJP works with residents, agency representatives, elected officials, community stakeholders and service providers in a collaborative planning approach that builds consensus and capacity to move transformation plans from vision to reality.

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