EJP focuses on transformational plans that can quickly turn the corner from planning to implementation.

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Master plans and redevelopment studies look at the possible development opportunities for a targeted site, neighborhood or city. These studies typically start by identifying the needs of a target population, assessing baseline conditions including market and economic studies, exploring physical design options and program alternatives, and delivering a financing and implementation plan.

EJP coordinates the efforts of multidisciplinary teams that work collaboratively with clients, key stakeholders and residents to prepare consensus-based and feasible master plans and implementation strategies. Highlights of selected projects reflecting EJP’s expertise include: 

  • Mixed finance, mixed-use and mixed income developments

  • Neighborhood revitalization

  • Comprehensive data collection including existing conditions assessment, resident and neighborhood surveys

  • Community and supportive services

  • Community and public engagement


EJP coordinates diverse teams to develop comprehensive repositioning and master plans for assisted housing and surrounding neighborhoods by working with a broad group of stakeholders