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Rhae Parkes







A founding partner of EJP, Rhae’s urban planning and community development journey started in Puerto Rico where she lived and worked after Hurricane Hugo devastated the island. Prior to that she worked in investment banking. Today, Rhae concentrates on repositioning of public housing assets into vibrant mixed-income communities where all families can thrive.

Rhae’s specific areas of expertise include housing and neighborhood revitalization; master planning (including integrated plans for human services and relocation); strategic planning; mixed-finance development; program management and development implementation. She has worked with a wide variety of clients at the local, state and federal levels, as well as numerous national foundations. Rhae is an experienced evaluator, facilitator, trainer and technical assistance provider.

Rhae has lived in Washington DC for more than 23 years, but is still very attached to Jamaica, her ancestral home. She is a lifelong athlete who continues to compete in both soccer and softball.


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