EJP works closely with its clients to develop a vision, mission and strategic plan that serves as a roadmap to success. 

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Why Choose EJP? 

Our process has a unique focus on capital assets and operational processes. The strategic plan informs a holistic approach to operations and asset management that looks at the comprehensive PHA profile. 

EJP’s team has significant knowledge of housing authority operations and policy with years of direct executive experience and public and private sector experience. 

EJP works closely with clients and stakeholders to implement transparent processes that engender support, gain input and consensus, and result in public ownership and agency-wide approval of plans.

We aim to create a meaningful and implementable strategic plan that will enhance, enrich, and sustain current programs and resources and outline goals for the future. 

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EJP’s process delineates actions, timelines, and tracking systems for achieving the goals developed in the plan