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Norwalk's Ryan Park court mural nears completion

A mural painted by Norwalk artist, Jahmane West, is featured in the attached article. The mural is part of a roughly $1.1 million effort to rehabilitate Ryan Park funded by a 2013 Choice Neighborhoods grant. EJP assisted the Norwalk Housing Authority to secure the CN grant and continues to provide program management services as NHA and partners work to complete the transformation of the former Washington Village public housing development and surrounding South Norwalk neighborhood.

Erin Kayata Sep. 25, 2020

NORWALK - There was no squeaking of rubber on rubber or thudding bounce of balls on the basketball court at Ryan Park this week.

The sounds of play were replaced by Jahmane, a South Norwalk native and artist, creating a work of art on his home court.

Jahmane’s work is part of a $1.1 million effort to rehabilitate the park while paying homage to the community’s roots. The project is part of the federal Choice Neighborhood Initiative grant which aims to improve housing and intergenerational mobility and build community in distressed neighborhoods. It’s the first of five public art pieces being installed in the park.

Jahmane’s work was chosen out of several local artists who submitted proposals for the space. He already has a murual there called “Mind Power,” which is a wall constructed out of wood he painted.

“Jahmane has a connection to Ryan Park and the community. He grew up playing sports here and attending and possibly DJ’d many events,” said Julio Pardo, creative director for the Ryan Park project. “So for me he completes the circle bridging the past and the future of this space.”


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