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Melinda Eubank

Business Manager/Executive Assistant

Melinda was born and raised in the Philippines, where she witnessed poverty on a different level, with little to no social safety nets, particularly for the poorest of the poor. 
After emigrating to southern California, she was employed by high profile private sector companies, that would eventually lead her to relocate to the southeast and work in public housing where she discovered her true purpose: working to house and support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged population.  

For the past two decades, she worked extensively in the real estate development division that was responsible for the redevelopment of former public housing projects. This required working collaboratively with internal leadership, city officials, HUD and local government representatives, as well as the residents of the public housing site and members of the surrounding neighborhoods to set-up community meetings and events related to any given development. 

Family ties have prompted Melinda to move to western New York, where she is eager to engage in one of her favorite pastimes; hiking and exploring the diverse trails and national parks that exist in the area. When she is not somewhere off the beaten path, she likes to bowl, play tennis, and cook traditional foods that remind her of home.


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