EJP can provide practical solutions to help clients manage costs, improve operations and provide necessary oversight.

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With federal operational funding subject to congressional appropriations each year, Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) must focus on doing excellent work as efficiently as possible to deliver high quality housing and services to its residents. The specialized nature of the public and affordable housing industry means that operational and programmatic effectiveness are crucial to the sustainability and preservation of PHAs and their assets.

EJP has deep technical knowledge regarding Public Housing programs and agency operations gained through direct hands-on experience with a wide variety of agency types; listening to professionals, staff, and residents; and developing, implementing and training on customized policies and procedures. Our team members have worked for and led some of the most innovative public housing agencies in the nation and we provide training to PHAs and HUD offices on a variety of topics and share that knowledge with our clients. We can review and provide guidance as well as work directly with systems such as PIC and EPIC to provide direct assistance to our clients.


Operational support areas include:

Policies and Procedures

Financial Services

Compliance and Quality Control



EJP's strength lies in our ability to develop innovative and actionable strategies to support PHAs and their programs.