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Westside Community Evolves - Past. Present. Future.

In order to plan for the future, it’s important to listen to those who live, work and play within the community. Westside Community Evolves begins with a planning process led by a community advisory group of Westside residents and stakeholders. The planning team, led by EJP, will work closely with community residents beginning in September 2020 on creating a vision for the future of the neighborhood.

Chattanooga’s Westside is an established downtown community with over 2,000 residents. The neighborhoods in the community are home to young families and long-time residents. It is surrounded on all sides by downtown districts that are growing and changing.


The community planning and urban design strategy reaches past property controlled by the Chattanooga Housing Authority. It also includes subsidized housing properties and City-owned properties. Working with the community, near and long-term plans will be developed to encourage a diverse, mixed income urban community.


A Community Advisory Group comprised of more than 30 current and former residents, community leaders, and other stakeholders will lead a process that will be guided by EJP Consulting Group, Chattanooga Design Studio, the Chattanooga Housing Authority, and the City of Chattanooga.


Whether you live, work or play in the Westside, you are a stakeholder and we want to hear from you often.

  • Westside Residents

  • Westside Business Owners

  • Westside Property Owners

  • Friends, family and visitors to the Westside


The work ahead will depend on information provided by community leaders who will work with the planning team to provide input, advice and to serve as guides to a final plan. Learn More.


Community Connectors will inform and advise community engagement efforts to ensure resident voices are front and center in the planning process.

  • Community Engagement Fellow: Sharon Dragg

  • Artist in Residence: Charlie Newton

  • Digital Storytelling: Ben Banks

  • Engagement Artist: Josiah Golson


The consultant team was chosen by a diverse selection committee formed from members of the larger Community Advisory Group. EJP Consulting Group out of Washington, D.C. will lead the process along with a team of many local firms and individuals.

EJP Consulting Group: Strategic Planning & Project Lead

  • Smith Gee Studio: Urban Design & Architecture

  • Tinker Ma: Architecture (local)

  • ASA Engineering: Landscape & Engineering (local)

  • Ann Coulter Consulting: Strategic Planning (local)

  • Erika Roberts: Community Engagement Artist (local)

  • Genesis the Greykid: Community Engagement Artist (local)

  • Zimmerman/Volk + WZHA: Residential and Commercial Market Analysts


The planning process will be stewarded by the following local partners:

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