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City Life: Forever Home, Durham Update

EJP led the master planning process to develop DDNP and continues to provide program management and implementation support to DHA to implement DDNP.

DDNP formulates a plan for redevelopment that better integrates public housing residents into the rest of the growing downtown population; preserves all existing affordable units; builds additional affordable housing and unsubsidized housing in a mixed income and mixed use community to provide a range of housing options; leverages public land and investments; and guarantees that existing families living at DHA sites have priority for new units and a right to return.

The Forever Home, Durham program has been busy over the past six months funding new affordable housing developments and renovations as well as providing support services for those facing eviction or homelessness. In this new City Life episode, Host Beverly B. Thompson talks with Director Reginald Johnson of the City of Durham Community Development Department and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Scott of the Durham Housing Authority about the exciting work that’s underway with affordable housing in Durham.

November 1, 2021

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