EJP is a national leader in providing consulting services to public housing authorities, cities, real estate developers, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Our core competencies include:

  • Planning and redevelopment of public housing sites into vibrant mixed income communities

  • Master planning, strategic planning and portfolio repositioning of assets to ensure long-term success

  • Increasing the self-sufficiency of residents impacted by redevelopment 

  • Assessing operations to improve efficiency 


Our efforts have resulted in the development of housing and non-residential uses in mixed-income communities that leverage public and private investment and transform neighborhoods.

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EJP facilitates a comprehensive planning process to identify needs, assess baseline conditions, explore physical design options, and deliver a financing plan. EJP helps clients to obtain implementation funds to carry out holistic neighborhood revitalization.

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EJP coordinates the efforts of multidisciplinary teams that work collaboratively with clients, key stakeholders and residents to prepare consensus-based and feasible master plans and implementation strategies. 

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EJP works with development and training of team members to carefully and thoughtfully plan for and execute the relocation of families who must move either temporarily or permanently due to development activities.

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EJP works closely with PHAs to assess their portfolios to determine the feasibility of converting Public Housing units to the Section 8 platform and provide recommendations on the best mix of tools to accomplish this goal.

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EJP uses proven engagement techniques to deliver a thoughtful and inclusive planning process that results in both short- and long-term goals with specific objectives and action items necessary to accomplish those goals.

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EJP advises on the procurement of appropriate partners and represents the PHA’s interests throughout the development process. EJP also provides technical advice and risk assessments on self-development.

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EJP offers appropriate and innovative services to help families improve their lives through better health, education, self-sufficiency, and job security. EJP partners with programs that promote the development of local approaches.

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The EJP team provides practical solutions to assist clients in managing costs, improving operations and providing necessary oversight. EJP develops customized training seminars for your specific agency needs.