Nina Liou






Born and raised in Skokie, Illinois, Nina did a full tour of the southwest and south for college and graduate school before landing in Philadelphia - a city she never thought she would live in - 20 years ago. Now proud to call herself a Philadelphian, she has been providing housing, community, and economic development services for the last 20+ years to clients across the country at the neighborhood, city, county, regional, and state levels.


She has worked extensively with housing programs and financial resources, economic development policy and initiatives, and physical planning. Her diversity of experience provides her with an overarching perspective that grasps the linkages between residents’ interest, local community and economic initiatives, and larger governmental policies and programs. Using interactive community outreach via public meetings, focus groups or one-on-one interviews designed to meaningfully engage residents and stakeholders, she has facilitated the development of community-driven plans that resonate with the local community.


Aside from the tremendous satisfaction she derives from working closely with clients on plans that result in positive transformative change, Nina enjoys exploring and learning about the cities where she works through running. From local trails to city streets, she loves them all, so do not be surprised if she asks you for suggested routes and destinations when she works in your community.

Nina started working with EJP in 2012 as a contractor. In 2016, she began working full time as a senior associate, and has now transitioned back into a contractor role. 


Senior Associate (Contract)