EJP provides clients with a range of services needed to take a project from conception to successful implementation.

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As public housing authorities contemplate the constantly changing federal funding landscape, many are searching for opportunities beyond the operation of their existing public housing units and are increasing and diversifying their portfolios. 


PHAs are exploring more stable and diverse funding streams; they are leveraging their assets to develop mixed-income housing; they are seeking to partner with developers or self-develop; and they are exploring ways to be more entrepreneurial. However, PHAs can be challenged by limited capacity and capital, and unsure if they want to self-develop or partner with a developer.


EJP provides consulting services to allow clients to make decisions that meet their needs. For clients who wish to self-develop, EJP provides technical advice on the pros and cons of self-development, including ensuring the PHA can assume the necessary risks associated with self-development, and can assist with pre-development through stabilization. For clients who partner with developers, EJP advises on the procurement of appropriate partners and represents the housing authority’s interest throughout the development process.


Program Management
Development Finance 
Transaction and Closing Support
Resident Services

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EJP Partners authored HUD’s Mixed-Finance Guidebook, which provides an overview of the mixed-finance approach, describes various partnership structures, discusses how to select and negotiate with developer partners, addresses key HUD policy and regulatory concerns, and lays out HUD’s approval process for mixed-finance projects.